MapQuest Driving Directions Cranbrook, BC to Waterton Park, AB

Cranbrook, BC

Waterton Park, AB

Route 1

Go southeast on BC-3 (Crossing into Alberta).
160.307 miles
2hr 56min
  1. Start out going northwest on 6th St N toward Cranbrook St N/BC-3/BC-95.

    Then 0.06 miles
  2. Take the 1st right onto Cranbrook St N/BC-3/BC-95. Continue to follow BC-3 (Crossing into Alberta).

    1. Days Inn Cranbrook is on the corner

    2. If you are on 6th St NW and reach Industrial Road 1 you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 90.17 miles
  3. BC-3 becomes AB-3.

    Then 38.57 miles
  4. Turn right onto AB-6. Pass through 1 roundabout.

    1. AB-6 is 0.7 miles past Township Road 70

    2. If you are on AB-3 and reach Range Road 301 you've gone about 1 mile too far

    Then 31.51 miles
  5. Welcome to WATERTON PARK, AB.

    Then 0.00 miles