MapQuest Driving Directions Sacramento, CA to Sweet Home, OR

Sacramento, CA

Sweet Home, OR

Route 1

Go north on I-5 N/CA-99 N/CA-16 W.
514.727 miles
8hr 52min
  1. Start out going north on 5th St toward I St.

    Then 0.08 miles
  2. Turn left onto I St.

    1. Quiznos Sub is on the corner

    2. If you are on H St and reach 6th St you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.03 miles
  3. Take the I-5 N/CA-99 N/CA-16 W ramp toward Redding/Yuba City.

    1. Quiznos Sub is on the right

    Then 0.05 miles
  4. Merge onto I-5 N/CA-99 N/CA-16 W.

    Then 6.03 miles
  5. Keep left to take I-5 N toward Woodland/Redding (Crossing into Oregon).

    Then 487.85 miles
  6. Take the OR-228 exit, EXIT 216, toward Brownsville/Halsey.

    Then 0.24 miles
  7. Turn right onto Halsey Sweet Home Hwy/OR-228. Continue to follow OR-228.

    1. If you reach I-5 N you've gone about 0.2 miles too far

    Then 18.93 miles
  8. Turn right onto Main St/US-20 E.

    1. Main St is just past Long St

    2. Ming Fa Chinese & American Cuisine is on the corner

    Then 1.52 miles
  9. Welcome to SWEET HOME, OR.

    1. Your destination is 0.4 miles past 24th Ave

    Then 0.00 miles