MapQuest Driving Directions Macon, GA 382 Second Street to Palmdale, CA 2304 Columbia Way

382 Second Street Macon, GA 31201

2304 Columbia Way Palmdale, CA 93551

Route 1

Go northeast on 2nd St.
2237.1692 miles
34hr 35min
  1. Start out going northwest on Cherry St toward 2nd St.

    Then 0.02 miles
  2. Take the 1st right onto 2nd St.

    1. Cox Capitol Theatre is on the right

    2. If you reach 1st Street Ln you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.94 miles
  3. Turn left onto Emery Hwy/US-23 N/GA-19.

    1. If you reach Gray Hwy you've gone about 0.2 miles too far

    Then 0.31 miles
  4. Merge onto I-16 W/GA-404 W.

    Then 1.24 miles
  5. I-16 W/GA-404 W becomes I-75 N/GA-401 N.

    Then 73.23 miles
  6. Take the I-285 W exit, EXIT 238B, toward Birmingham/Chattanooga.

    Then 0.94 miles
  7. Merge onto I-285 W/GA-407 W via the ramp on the left toward Domestic/Montgomery.

    Then 14.74 miles
  8. Merge onto I-20 W via EXIT 10B on the left toward Tom Murphy Fwy/Birmingham (Crossing into Alabama).

    Then 142.16 miles
  9. Take the US-78/Arkadelphia Rd exit, EXIT 123, toward Jasper.

    Then 0.23 miles
  10. Merge onto US-78 W/AL-4 toward Jasper.

    Then 12.08 miles
  11. Merge onto US-78 W toward Jasper/Memphis (Passing through Mississippi, then crossing into Tennessee).

    Then 210.79 miles
  12. Merge onto I-240 W toward St Louis.

    Then 4.90 miles
  13. I-240 W becomes I-55 N (Crossing into Arkansas).

    Then 13.46 miles
  14. Keep left to take I-40 W toward Forrest City/Little Rock (Passing through Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, then crossing into California).

    Then 1672.66 miles
  15. I-40 W becomes I-15 S/Barstow Fwy S.

    Then 33.38 miles
  16. Take the CA-18 W/Palmdale Road W exit, EXIT 150.

    Then 0.30 miles
  17. Turn right onto CA-18/Palmdale Rd. Continue to follow CA-18.

    Then 23.71 miles
  18. Turn slight right onto Pearblossom Hwy/CA-138. Continue to follow CA-138.

    Then 20.92 miles
  19. Enter next roundabout and take the 3rd exit onto E Palmdale Blvd/CA-138.

    Then 5.01 miles
  20. Merge onto CA-14 N/CA-138 W/Antelope Valley Fwy N toward Mojave.

    Then 4.69 miles
  21. Take the Avenue M exit, EXIT 40.

    Then 0.29 miles
  22. Turn left onto W Columbia Way.

    Then 1.17 miles
  23. 2304 COLUMBIA WAY is on the left.

    1. Your destination is just past 23rd St W

    2. If you reach 25th St W you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.00 miles