MapQuest Driving Directions Hooksett, NH 1226 Hooksett Rd to Rochester, NH 306 N Main St Ste 4

1226 Hooksett Rd Hooksett, NH 03106

306 N Main St Ste 4 Rochester, NH 03867

Route 1

44.283 miles
  1. Start out going north on Hooksett Rd/US-3 N/NH-28 toward Martins Ferry Rd.

    Then 0.35 miles
  2. Turn right onto Whitehall Rd/NH-101B/NH-27.

    1. If you are on Hooksett Rd and reach Clough Ave you've gone about 0.3 miles too far

    Then 0.28 miles
  3. Take the 2nd right onto Londonderry Turnpike/NH-28 Byp.

    1. Londonderry Turnpike is 0.1 miles past Harvest Dr

    2. If you reach Harmony Ln you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 3.53 miles
  4. Merge onto NH-101 E via the ramp on the left toward Exeter/Portsmouth.

    1. If you reach Lakeside Dr you've gone a little too far

    Then 17.31 miles
  5. Take the NH-125 exit, EXIT 7, toward Epping/Kingston.

    Then 0.31 miles
  6. Turn left onto NH-125/Calef Hwy.

    Then 9.71 miles
  7. Enter next roundabout and take the 2nd exit onto NH-125.

    Then 9.52 miles
  8. Merge onto NH-16 N/Spaulding Tpke N toward Alton/Ossipee/SanfordnME.

    Then 2.73 miles
  9. Take the NH-11 W exit, EXIT 15, toward Farmington/Alton.

    Then 0.26 miles
  10. Turn right onto Farmington Rd.

    Then 0.03 miles
  11. Stay straight to go onto N Main St.

    Then 0.26 miles
  12. 306 N MAIN ST STE 4 is on the right.

    1. If you reach Ten Rod Rd you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.00 miles