MapQuest Driving Directions Princeton, NJ 3535 Us Highway 1 to Hightstown, NJ 72 Princeton Hightstown Rd

3535 Us Highway 1 Princeton, NJ 08540

72 Princeton Hightstown Rd Hightstown, NJ 08520

Route 1

Go southeast on Meadow Rd.
8.209 miles
  1. Start out going southwest toward Meadow Rd.

    Then 0.07 miles
  2. Turn left onto Meadow Rd.

    Then 1.53 miles
  3. Turn left onto Clarksville Rd/County Hwy-638.

    1. Clarksville Rd is 0.4 miles past Tollhouse Dr

    Then 2.00 miles
  4. Turn right onto Princeton Hightstown Rd/County Hwy-571.

    1. Princeton Hightstown Rd is 0.2 miles past Penn Lyle Rd

    2. If you are on County Hwy-638 and reach Norchester Dr you've gone a little too far

    Then 4.61 miles
  5. 72 PRINCETON HIGHTSTOWN RD is on the left.

    1. Your destination is 0.1 miles past One Mile Rd

    2. If you are on County Hwy-571 and reach Lanning Blvd you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.00 miles