MapQuest Driving Directions Jenks, OK 600 Riverwalk Ter to Cumberland, ME 319 Main St

600 Riverwalk Ter Jenks, OK 74037

319 Main St Cumberland, ME 04021

Route 1

Go south on Riverside Pkwy.
1692.8741 miles
26hr 14min
  1. Start out going southeast on Riverwalk Ter toward N Riverfront Dr.

    Then 0.17 miles
  2. Take the 1st right onto N Riverfront Dr.

    1. Twisted Tilt Sports Bar and Grill is on the left

    2. If you reach S Aquarium Dr you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.16 miles
  3. Turn left onto E Main St.

    1. E Main St is just past E A St

    2. If you reach the end of S 9th St you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.20 miles
  4. E Main St becomes E 96th St.

    Then 0.32 miles
  5. Turn right onto Riverside Pkwy.

    Then 0.52 miles
  6. Merge onto OK-364 E/Creek Tpke E via the ramp on the left toward Broken Arrow (Portions toll).

    1. If you reach E 101st St you've gone a little too far

    Then 4.75 miles
  7. Merge onto US-169 N/Mingo Valley Expy N via the exit on the left toward Tulsa.

    Then 7.93 miles
  8. Merge onto I-44 E toward Joplin (Portions toll) (Crossing into Missouri).

    Then 387.07 miles
  9. Merge onto I-55 N/I-64 E/US-40 E toward I-70 E/Illinois (Crossing into Illinois).

    Then 3.07 miles
  10. Keep left to take I-55 N toward Great River Road N/Chicago/Indianapolis.

    Then 16.20 miles
  11. Merge onto I-70 E via EXIT 20A toward Indianapolis (Crossing into Indiana).

    Then 223.94 miles
  12. Keep right to take I-70 E via EXIT 112A toward Columbus OH (Crossing into Ohio).

    Then 166.75 miles
  13. Take EXIT 93B toward I-270 N/Cleveland.

    Then 0.43 miles
  14. Merge onto I-270 N/Outerbelt N via the ramp on the left toward Cleveland.

    Then 16.34 miles
  15. Merge onto I-71 N via EXIT 26 toward Cleveland.

    Then 90.78 miles
  16. Take the I-76/OH-224 exit, EXIT 209, toward Akron/Lodi.

    Then 0.22 miles
  17. Merge onto I-76 E via EXIT 209A toward Akron.

    Then 59.96 miles
  18. Merge onto I-80 E via the exit on the left toward Youngstown/New York City (Crossing into Pennsylvania).

    Then 277.26 miles
  19. Merge onto I-81 N via EXIT 260B on the left toward Wilkes-Barre.

    Then 35.40 miles
  20. Take EXIT 187 toward US-6 E/I-84 E/I-380 S/Carbondale/Mt Pocono.

    Then 0.38 miles
  21. Keep left at the fork in the ramp.

    Then 0.23 miles
  22. Merge onto I-84 E/I-380 S toward Mt Pocono/Milford.

    Then 3.88 miles
  23. Keep left to take I-84 E toward Milford (Portions toll) (Passing through New York, then crossing into Connecticut).

    Then 161.92 miles
  24. Merge onto I-691 E via EXIT 27 toward Meriden.

    Then 8.68 miles
  25. Merge onto I-91 N via EXIT 11 on the left toward Hartford/Springfield.

    Then 16.80 miles
  26. Merge onto CT-15 N/Wilbur Cross Hwy N via EXIT 29 toward I-84 E/E Hartford/Boston.

    Then 2.15 miles
  27. CT-15 N/Wilbur Cross Hwy N becomes I-84 E/US-6 E/Wilbur Cross Hwy N.

    Then 1.50 miles
  28. Keep left to take I-84 E toward Boston (Portions toll) (Crossing into Massachusetts).

    Then 39.24 miles
  29. Merge onto I-90 E/Massachusetts Tpke E toward NH - Maine/Boston (Portions toll).

    Then 27.95 miles
  30. Merge onto I-495 N via EXIT 11A toward NH - Maine/Marlborough.

    Then 63.74 miles
  31. Stay straight to go onto I-95 N (Portions toll) (Passing through New Hampshire, then crossing into Maine).

    Then 60.95 miles
  32. Keep left to take I-95 N/Maine Tpke N toward Auburn/Lewiston/Augusta (Portions toll).

    Then 7.95 miles
  33. Merge onto ME-26 Conn via EXIT 53 toward ME-100/West Falmouth (Portions toll).

    Then 0.39 miles
  34. Turn left onto Gray Rd/ME-100/ME-26.

    1. Gray Rd is 0.1 miles past ME-26 Conn

    Then 0.99 miles
  35. Turn right onto Falmouth Rd.

    1. Falmouth Rd is 0.1 miles past Mill Rd

    2. If you are on Gray Rd and reach Eastern Ave you've gone about 0.5 miles too far

    Then 0.21 miles
  36. Stay straight to go onto Winn Rd.

    Then 3.10 miles
  37. Turn left onto Main St/ME-9.

    Then 1.36 miles
  38. 319 MAIN ST is on the right.

    1. Your destination is just past Village Way

    2. If you reach Farwell Ave you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.00 miles