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1186 Patton Ave
Asheville NC 28806-2706
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Reviews (2)

BEWARE! I pawned two computers, one laptop and one desktop - both less than a year old and high quality dell and HP products. BOTH computers had fried wireless cards in them when I got them home. The service technician from DELL verified that someone had been inside the computer and that the screws had been stripped when they tried to put it back together. No one had ever serviced my laptop before because it was LESS THAN 6 MONTHS OLD.($650) brand new. Luckily my warranty replaced the wireless card however I have spoken with other customers that have had similar issues and had no warranty through the manufacturer of their computers. A few weeks later I got my desktop (less than a year old $500 new - all in one) and several hours later, SAME WIRELESS CARD ISSUE. The people are criminals and they are doing something to electronics including televisions that is affecting their performance once the customer pays an outrageous amount of money to get them out of pawn. Why? I have NO idea!! I don't know why an employee of Alans would want to do this but I know for sure that both of my computers were in fact taken apart and both of them will not function wirelessly any longer. after being placed in Alans Patton Avenue Location. To add insult to injury the manager I spoke with on two seperate occassions refused to even acknowledge the possibility that the fault lies with Alans in spite of the fact that he supposedly has 24 hour video surveillance and could easily check them - though I doubt that is even true. He was rude and dismissive and argued with me that my devices were damaged while at Alans when myself and the DELL technician that came out can PROVE that they were! Screws were not stripped going in and were stripped coming out. Computers worked beautifully going in and were broken coming out. This is ALANS resposibility and they are dodging it. I encourage each consumer to be extremely cautious about taking electronics to them and if you do don't expect to get ANY level of customer service or assistance when you get them out and they are not functioning!
This pawn shop is a complete ripoff!!! My fiancé bought a diamond engagement ring from them and TWO days later one of the pave diamonds fell out bc they were GLUED in!! Then when we took it to our local jeweler to get it raided they told us that the diamond was chipped! The pawn shop refused to give us a total refund! Stay far away!!!!