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Why not go Indie tonight? Since the early 90s, Bethel Cinema has provided locals with a unique, small town movie theater that steers away from the season's giant blockbusters. Instead, moviegoers can choose between four Independent films and watch them in small but cozy screening rooms that can also be rented out for private parties.

Bethel Cinema also has great deals on most week days: Monday nights have $7 general admission; Tuesday nights are $7 Ladies' Nights; Wednesday 9:30am showings are only $7; and Thursdays are dinner and a movie nights, which after spending $25 at Cadiz (the neighboring tapas restaurant) you receive a free movie pass.

Not only does Bethel Cinema support the creativity in modern filmmaking, but it also supports sharing it with the local community.

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Bethel Cinema
269 Greenwood Ave Bethel, CT 06801
(203) 778-2100
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