Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

1405 Clifton Rd NE
Atlanta GA 30322-1062
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I've taken all three of my kids here for emergency situations. The doctors were attentive and caring. The staff was efficient and experienced in treating children. The only negative is that it is a teaching hospital so you may get a medical student that is not as experienced.
good day to one and all I am s.mahomed from south Africa, and I am an ardent fan of children health care of Atlanta i follow and share the dedication of every good deed on my Facebook page. I can honesty rate this health to 100 plus. But sadly in my country we pay so much through medical aids, but we do not get our monies worth. Last week my kid was hospitalised in a private hospital that looked life a cramped prison small passage like room that accomaded 4 sick children and a broken old couch for moms to sleep. Its really sad. I as an individual want to make difference to children in my country because I am inspired by healthcare of Atlanta. someone from this kind hospital please advise me how to fundraise and through donations and sponsors to open a state of the art healthcare in south Africa. I really want to to make a difference to scared innocent kids healthcare of Atlanta for kids is an inspiration to the world my humble blessings to one and all.
Dr.kanter did my heart surgery at 3 months in 1989 for an ap window.i am alive and healthy with a small scar, he recently came in and met my 5 month old whom he will be doing surgery on for a vsd on Tuesday. They're the best and have the sweetest nurses. If it weren't for him, id be dead, thank you dr.k, my family and I will be forever grateful for you. Thank you doctor and choa. You guys are the best
My daughter had been suffering from knee pain for five weeks and after seeing her pediatrician twice and an orthopedist twice, it was finally agreed that she needed to see a rheumatologist. After calling Children's Healthcare, I was given an appointment six weeks out!!! She was out on the emergency waiting list, but was told the wait is usually three months and that we were lucky. Given my daughter was in constant pain and unable to walk or sleep properly, I was dumb founded. Six weeks later, it would have only been an act of God that would have made me miss that appointment. The act of God was a car accident in the middle of rush hour! I had left in plenty of time to make sure I was at least thirty minutes early, but as it was, we were twenty minutes late. They refused to see my daughter! Another desperate mother was there with the same problem. I was told that the doctor in question had made this day available and that she had put her own children with a sitter and so didn't want to be late to collect them! I also had to put my other two children with a sitter and I'm a single mother. They offered me another appointment, but given the hell and stress they put me through because of other peoples bad driving, I will never go there again. If they truly cared about the children they served they'd hire more doctors, so they won't keep children in pain for three months at a time. It is criminal. glad there are some parents on this board that didn't have to watch their seven-year old suffer with acute pain, because of a shortage of doctors. Didn't know this was a third world country!


Welcome to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. We are honored that you have trusted us to care for your child's healthcare needs. We will do everything we can to help both you and your child feel comfortable, safe and secure. Please feel free to ask our staff questions. Let us know what we can do for you and your family.

At Children's, we strive to enhance the lives of children through excellence in patient care, research and education. Whether treating an injured toddler in an emergency or supporting a teen through a series of chemotherapy treatments, we take our commitment to care for each and every child who comes through our doors very seriously. It's through teamwork at every level of our organization and with you, the family, that we are able to achieve a high level of excellence in pediatric care.

Choosing a healthcare provider for your child is an important decision. There is a lot to consider, especially the fact that children and adults are physically different and so are their healthcare needs. Children should be cared for by pediatric doctors, nurses and specialists who understand these differences.