Arizona's New York Deli, Restaurant, Bagels, Bakery & Catering Since 1979.Chompie's - Arizona's New York Deli restaurant, bagel factory, bakery and catering serves a huge menu of breakfast all day, lunch & dinner 7 days a week at its four locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Chandler. Chompie's also offers a special kids menu. It was originally founded in 1979 when the Borenstein Family - Lou & Lovey and their three grown children, Wendy, Neal and Mark moved from Queens, New York and ventured west to Phoenix, Arizona and fulfilled their dream by opening the first Chompie's. Our dining menu includes:• Appetizers• Mile High Sandwiches and reubens• Soups • Salads • Burgers • Chicken sandwiches • Smoked fish and lox • Sliders (including our famous Jewish Sliders, featured on Travel Channel's Man v. Food)• Traditional Jewish cuisine favorites like matzo ball soup• Gluten free friendly choices• Healthy fitness boot camp selections• Friday fish fry• Potato pancakes • Eggs • Omelets • Pancakes • Waffles • French toast • Eggs benedictsChompie's deli counter features Jewish Heritage Classics, knish, meats and cheeses, smoked fish, cream cheeses, deli salads and more. Chompie's bakery counter offers our NY style boiled-then-baked bagels and bialys, baked from-scratch breads, NY style black and white cookies, cakes, cookies, danishes, gluten free friendly bakery goods, rugelach, cupcakes, cheesecake, and more. A take out menu is also available. For Chompie’s full service custom catering, call 480-348-2287. Visit www.chompies.com for all of our menus.
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Chompie's Deli
1160 East University Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 557-0700
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