Graves-Gilbert Clinic is a multispecialty clinic in Bowling Green, KY, founded in 1937 by Dr. G.Y. Graves and Dr. Tom Gilbert. Our goal has always been to provide sensitive, compassionate care to our patients with respect to the total wellbeing of the individual.• Allergy• Cardiology• Dermatology• Dermatopathology• Ear Nose and Throat• Endocrinology• Family Medicine• Gastroenterology• General Surgery• Geriatrics• Inpatient Specialist• Internal Medicine• Neurology• Obstetrics and Gynecology• Oncology and Hematology• Ophthalmology• Orthopaedics• Pathology• Pediatrics• Pulmonology• Radiology• Rheumatology• Sleep Medicine• Sports Medicine• Urgentcare• Urology• Physical Therapy• Sleep Center• Lab and X-Ray• Clinical Research
Graves-Gilbert Clinic
201 Park Street Bowling Green, KY 42101
(270) 781-5111
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