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    Find costumes for the entire family at this quaint family-owned shop in Little Havana.

    <b>In Short</b><br>Get a wacky disguise for your friend's Halloween party, adorable costumes for the kids and a whoopee cushion for that special someone you want to impress. Attention to detail and a great sense of humor permeate Casa de…

La Casa De Los Trucos
1349 SW 8th St Miami, FL 33135
(305) 858-5029


Know Before You Go
Storeowner, Esteban Torres, suggests you plan ahead on Halloween to avoid the yearly hustle and bustle. Average prices for adult costumes start at $20. Children's costumes start at $10.
The Extras
Shop through the store's selection online at It is not the complete selection of costumes, magic tricks, and gag items available at the store, but it's a start.
When to Go
As you can imagine, late October can be pretty insane, especially during the weekend and during weekday after-school hours.
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