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Los Reyes Restaurants have treated diners to delectable mexican dishes since 1981,two locations in Dalton Georgia,Cleveland Highway, South Hamilton street and Kristen street in Ringgold.In a comfortable atmosphere surronded by handicrafts and beautiful art from Mexico,diners sample a varierty of authentic recipes. Los Reyes offers cuisine specific to different regions in Mexico.From seafood to poultry and the finest cuts of beef,the chefs at Los Reyes always exceed expectations.The food is always fresh,delightfully seasoned and guaranteed of the highest standars. The restaurants are open daily for lunch and dinner and banquet facilities are available.
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Los Reyes
817 S Hamilton St Dalton, GA 30720
(706) 278-9112


Mon: 5pm-7pm
Tue: 5pm-7pm
Wed: 5pm-7pm
Thu: 5pm-7pm
Fri: 5pm-7pm
Sat: 5pm-7pm
Sun: 5pm-7pm
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