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Conveniently situated in the heart of Midtown at the corner of Elgin and Smith, we offer a casual, but unique place for you and your friends to come watch a game or just enjoy a good drink. After more than a year of trying to find the perfect spot, and a year of building, on February 15th 2006 The Maple Leaf Pub opened it's doors for the very first time. Since then, The Leaf has become Houston's only spot for hockey. Not only that, but The Leaf is also a comfy neighborhood bar that welcomes everyone.We pride ourselves on being welcoming to all. Being clean and friendly and providing the best service in town.
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Maple Leaf Pub
514 Elgin St Houston, TX 77006
(713) 520-6464


Mon: 3pm-2am
Tue: 3pm-2am
Wed: 3pm-2am
Thu: 3pm-2am
Fri: 3pm-2am
Sat: 3pm-2am
Sun: 12pm-2am


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