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Four generations of McCabes have helped families say goodbye to loved ones for more than a century. Francis J. McCabe opened a Detroit funeral parlor more than 117 ago.Today, his grandson, L. David McCabe, is an active board member. L. David McCabe's son and daughter-in-law, Kevin and Sandy McCabe also continue the family tradition which is to them far more than just business.

The Canton Township funeral home opened on January 20, 1994. There, visitors find a warm and inviting homelike atmosphere, complete with fireplace. The funeral home earned a Canton Beautification award three years in a row, starting in 1995.

McCabe funeral directors help families plan Honored Lives video tributes and written biographies for online listings.

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McCabe Funeral Home
851 N Canton Center Rd Canton, MI 48187
(734) 981-4530


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