We help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure by getting their lender to stop their foreclosure, short sale their mortgage balance, and relinquish them of all liabilities and delinquency. We then step in and purchase their home to complete the short sale and help the Homeowners avoid Foreclosure and get a Fresh start. Our Company Also: Buys Homes in ALL Conditions and Sizes. Helps Settle Estates with Unwanted Property. Redevelop Abandoned Homes to Help Stabilize Local Neighborhoods and Communities. Midwest Wholesale Properties does not charge any money for our foreclosure prevention services. Unlike most foreclosure prevention companies we are an investment company. We make money from the buy and sell of your home and managing your property. We have an experienced, professional team of real estate agents, foreclosure experts, probate attorneys, and debt negotiators dedicated to helping you get out of your home quickly, painlessly and at maximum selling price.
Midwest Wholesale Properties LLC
1320 E 9th St Suite 5 Edmond, OK 73034
(405) 471-6474


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