DrNoor.com - Cosmetic Dentist Norwalk, Dr Noor and her team of expertise dentists offers best dental services with highest professional, technical standards and assures highest level of dental care for the community of Long Beach, Downey, Lakewood and Norwalk.
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Norwalk Village Dental Center
11274 Firestone Blvd Norwalk, CA 90650
(562) 863-8600


Mon: 10am-7pm
Tue: 10am-7pm
Wed: 9am-4pm
Thu: 11am-8pm
Fri: 10am-7pm
Sat: 9am-4pm
Sun: Closed




Norwalk, CA

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Reviews, Comments, & Tips

  • psouth
    Norwalk Village Dental Center posted by psouth 29 weeks ago

    I've had 3 implants as well as the normal cleaning and replacing old fillings kind of work with no issues. Dr Noor is the best and I highly recommend her and the entire staff to anyone.

  • tmontiel
    Norwalk Village Dental Center posted by tmontiel 38 weeks ago

    The implant procedure and te wisdom teeth extraction were virtually painless from beginning to end. There was no swelling, no discomfort. I highly recommend Dr Noor for same day complicated procedures like cosmetic veneers, dental implants and wisdom…

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