Welcome to West Hills Medical Center. We offer a unique treatment approach for patients in Pittsburgh, PA, Robinson Township, PA and the surrounding areas. We have a chiropractor, physical therapist and a nurse practitioner on staff to provide comprehensive rehabilitation, wellness, and medical services to improve function, reduce pain and keep you at your healthiest.Our staff includes Dr. Joel Lopacinski, chiropractor, Michele Lopacinski, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Alicia Abate, C.R.N.P., our Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner. The doctors and staff work to provide a wide variety of health and wellness services to help you on the road to recovery and maintain wellness once it is restored.
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West Hills Medical Center
470 Home Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15275
(412) 787-7400
Combined Chiropractic & Medical Pain Relief


Mon: 9am-7pm
Tue: 10am-7pm
Wed: 9am-7pm
Thu: Closed
Fri: 9am-7pm
Sat: 9am-12pm
Sun: Closed
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