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First opened in 1993 Sake Bar Decibel is New York's original Japanese sake bar, offering New Yorkers their first glimpse into the sake culture of Japan. With almost 100 of Japan's finest sake available Decibel is the closest to Japan you can get without stepping on a plane. In the words of one Decibel patron: "when you walk through that door you are no longer in NYC…it feels like you are in some secret underground speakeasy that you have to know a password to get into.
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Sake Bar Decibel
240 E 9th St New York, NY 10003
(212) 979-2733


Mon: 6pm-3am
Tue: 6pm-3am
Wed: 6pm-3am
Thu: 6pm-3am
Fri: 6pm-3am
Sat: 6pm-3am
Sun: 6pm-1am


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