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Carrollton GA 30117-1821
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Reviews (15)

This place is terrible. My granddaughter had a cleaning and we were told NO cavities... Four (4) weeks later I received a call and was told she needed an appointment for two (2) fillings. What a lack of communication. I never saw the dentist when we went in. Needless to say, we will not be going back. I would not recommend this place to anyone!!!
I take my son to this office and have never had any problems! Many of my friends/family members also take their kids to this office and they all seem to like it as well. Office is very clean and kid friendly, flat screen tv's in all areas for kids to watch cartoons-I even saw some little patients w/cozy blankets incase they got cold! The staff is friendly and helpful! I have been to several dental offices and they all use the papoose-I think people forget about the sharp tools they use-little hands could get cut! Also, it is getting pretty hard to find a place that takes all insurance types(Medicaid & peach care included!) without driving an hour away-so I say thanks guys!!!
I have been taking my children to this office every since they opened. I find it to be very nice and the staff are very professional. I have seen alot of irate parents and ALOT of children who don't behave or mind their parents. They have rules just like anywhere else you go. Some parents think that it is ok for their child to mess up the office because it is not theirs. Trust me I have been to other offices and they are no where as nice as this one. I have been in medical and dental office where they do not even speak to you or acknowledge that you are there. My child did have to be restrained with the papoose board for her safety. They have you to sign it and they go over it with the parent. When my child or any other children gets shot at a medical office they act out, cry, scream and kick. I'm glad that they are thinking of my child's safety first instead of doing what I might think is best. Momma does not always knows best, because I did not go to school for dentistry. So stop being IGNORANT AND SPREADING VICIOUS LIES AND DANGEROUS RUMORS
My children are patients at this office and they really enjoy it. The office is very clean and the staff are so Awesome with the children. I was a little nervous at first, more nervous than my child. It turned out to be a good visit and I would recommend this office to my family and friends.