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The name itself is derived from the historic Salt Lake City department store, The Paris, which thrived in a bygone era that was much like Paris, France of today, where markets and restaurants line the streets of its neighborhoods with sprawling displays of colorful goods, enticing aromas and engaging atmosphere.The Paris' "belle époque" bistro and lively zinc bar ambiance is warm and inviting and a reflection of early 20th century Salt Lake City. The Paris is located in the City's quaint historic 15th and 15th Emerson Heights Neighborhood, surrounded by arts and crafts bungalows and old tree-lined streets.
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The Paris
1500 S 1500 E Salt Lake City, UT 84105
(801) 486-5585


Mon: 6pm-10pm
Tue: 6pm-10pm
Wed: 6pm-10pm
Thu: 6pm-10pm
Fri: Closed
Sat: 5pm-10:30pm
Sun: Closed


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