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Reviews (3)

I wish i got the same good treatment described here below by some of the users of this company. Tiger towing company in cahoot with one business in downtown Columbia alleged that i had parked in a no park lot in U.o.M, despite no sign indicating to the contrary. In partnership with the said premise, Tiger towing proceeded to tow and impound my vehicle in their lot. Finally after 3 hours of searching and calling various numbers, i was able to locate my car at their Tiger Towing lot in downtown. My experience with staff starting right from their office was hallowing. All they seemed interested with was the payment for the charges they had imposed on my impounded car, and not what i was trying to find out about wrongful impounding. When i protested a $120 fee......yes, just for towing (towing costs normally range from $50-70) the attendant threatened to confiscate my credit card as well, so that they could check if it was true it didn't have $120 for payment as i had told them. I had produced my card with clear intention of paying what i supposed to be $50-70 range payment, but held off once i realized i was being ripped off when they said the bill was $120. I informed them i did not have that amount, and that i did not think the fee was fair in every sense. When i requested to take some documents from my car and leave without it, they objected and gave me another hellish, nonchalant treatment. Finally i was told i could speak to the owner. I requested the owner to let me pick few documents from my car and leave without it, since i did not have the $120 "made up fee" . My request was finally heeded after another 15 minutes of frantic begging. This is most interesting aspect of the whole thing. After picking the said document, the owner demanded that i get out of the premises immediately or he would call the cops if i was not ready to pay the said amount. By the way, i was already on my way out but on phone calling a friend to come and pick me up. The worst part of the experience was that when i later went to pay the "made up fees" and pick up my car, their was a big scratch on my right side of the bumper, and no sooner had i reversed my car, i noticed that oil had been leaking big time, ostensibly from the way they had mishandled my car. Mind you, my car never had that big scratch on the bumper before, nor was it leaking oil. After filling oil few hours later, it continued to leak and ultimately i was forced to have repairs done from the perforation caused my their tow vehicle or whatever. People have different experiences and expectations, but for me, this was the worst experience i've ever received from company employees which even warrants suing. I've tried to think why they treated me that way, and i for once can't rule out my skin color came into play. Personally i will never use this company nor recommend it to any one. I'm not whining, believe you me, that's how i was treated.
Tiger Towing is the best towing company around. We called at 3:00 in the morning and were picked up in less than 15 minutes. The care was second to none, and we were brought back to campus immediately. We can't tell you how much we appreciated your help, and recommend everyone and anyone to go to Tiger Towing and nobody else.


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