Summer Travel Quest #34

Kick a Field Goal on an NFL Field

At AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, you don’t have to be a pro to send the pigskin through the uprights
by Sophia Dembling Posted Jun 23rd 2014 12:09p.m.

Sophia is author of 100 Places in the USA Every Woman Should Go. Talk about traveling the USA with her on Facebook.

And now you're going to try to connect foot to ball with enough power and accuracy to send it sailing through the goal posts?

Sure, give it a try. As many times as you want. If nothing else, you'll have new respect for NFL kickers, who seem to do it so easily under the critical eyes of thousands of fans.

You don't have to be a Cowboys fan to try for three points at the place some call Jerry World (for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones) or the Death Star (for the way the stadium hunkers ominously on the horizon, visible for miles). You can do it this summer during a self-guided tour ($17.50 for adults, $14.50 for kids and seniors) of the Cowboys’ behemoth home. During NFL games, the stadium ranks only fourth by maximum attendance—FedEx Field outside of Washington, D.C., is largest by that measure—but with temporary seating for other events, AT&T Stadium can seat upwards of 100,000 people (George Strait recently packed in an audience of 104,794), which makes it the largest NFL stadium in the land.


Don’t kick with your toe. Go with the side of your foot, the soccer-style approach most kickers use these days.

Self-guided and other guided tours start in the so-called "Pro Shop" (if pros need souvenir key chains and T-shirts), a sensory onslaught. Then you ride an escalator up to enter the stadium; your first view of the playing field and enormous video screens (each more than 11,000 square feet) suspended above will likely take your breath away.

The tour allows access to the players’ and cheerleaders’ locker rooms (the latter decorated with life-sized photos of the squad) as well as to the postgame interview room.

If you didn't make your field goal, stand behind the lectern and acknowledge that you didn't get the job done but you're taking it one game at a time.


Sophia Dembling is author of 100 Places in the USA Every Woman Should Go. Talk about traveling the USA with her on Facebook.



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A look at AT&T Stadium's technology
A look at AT&T Stadium's technology