Summer Travel Quest #7

Zipline from the Top of a Giant Slot Machine

The latest wild attraction in Las Vegas will have you soaring through the Fremont Street Experience
by Lark Gould

An award-winning journalist, Lark has been covering travel for 35 years, shedding light on the darkest corners of the globe and sharing secrets from spots well traveled.

This scene, aptly tabbed SlotZilla ($20) is the latest thrill experience to be had in a city that marks itself as a mecca of thrills. The adrenaline begins to pump once the SlotZilla elevator lurches and pulls you up to the perch above the cherry roll. Strapped in, perhaps slightly inebriated from those yard-long margaritas sold on the Fremont Street pedestrian mall below, you take a breath and whop! You are off at what feels like lightning speed through an electrifying canopy of neon and lights as casinos whizz by and crowds of gawkers watch from below. Blink and you’re done. The zip down the 850-foot cable to the lower platform lasts only 30 seconds.

The high-flying zip line is the first of two rides careening from the behemoth SlotZilla edifice. The Zoomline ($30) is scheduled to open later this season (word is “before July 4”). Only the brave will be able to take off from that platform, 114 feet above the crowds, and fly Superman-style at 35 mph along a 1,700-foot line the entire length of the Fremont Street Experience—through the four-block-long Viva Vision canopy (the world’s largest video tunnel) and onto a newly built Main Street landing stage.


Hit SlotZilla from sunset onward. The Fremont Street Experience Viva Vision sound and light show ignites every hour on the hour until midnight and lasts around 7 minutes. If you time your zip right, it will feel like flying through a neon thundercloud.

While the likelihood of bashing into a casino or falling into meandering crowds remains miniscule, riders may still need some juicing to cut the fear factor. For those in need of a quick kick in the pants to get zipping, a liquid courage microbrew at Banger Brewing, across from the SlotZilla tower, might do the trick.

Unlike other thrills in Las Vegas, the SlotZilla zip line is not an adults-only activity. Kids under 13 must weigh at least 60 pounds and can zip with pals over 13 who do not weigh more than 300 pounds.

Cameras, purses and cellphones are OK (an attached tote bag zips right along with you). Too busy holding onto the wire for dear life to get that perfect shot? No problem. Talk to one of the photo services below to make sure you’re covered.

Tickets are sold in apportioned time slots with 1-hour windows so waits are never longer than 20 minutes.


An award-winning journalist, Lark Gould has been covering travel for 35 years, shedding light on the darkest corners of the globe and sharing secrets from spots well traveled. She puts her wide wisdom to work at



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See SlotZilla through a rider's eyes
See SlotZilla through a rider's eyes