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5630 Sawtelle Blvd Culver City CA 90230

Westchester Hotel

5630 Sawtelle Blvd Culver City CA 90230

(310) 390-6534

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The Westchester Hotel has been in Culver City since 1994. It is located across from a 99 Cent Store and is in the midst of a residential neighborhood. The hotel has a swimming pool and free cable television. The Westchester Hotel offers competitive rates and reduced weekly rates.

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based on 3 Reviews
09/29/2013 Karla K.
Very closed off. Seems like they KNOW everything, every move. I found it odd tha they don't allow two people or three people. Say you have family come in from out of town and you don't have...
08/01/2013 Steve C.
Rafael (manager) likes to look into peoples windows even with the blinds closed to see what you are up to while you are in your room. I appreciated the safety of his intentions but, I don't...
12/18/2012 Sonya Z.
The owners are going to be your second set of parents. They are unbelievably helpful and sweet. They brought me a space heater when I was cold, I could call them to come to my car if I was...

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