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1968 Miami St Toledo OH 43605

Epic Buffet

1968 Miami St Toledo OH 43605

(419) 661-5200

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based on 10 Reviews
12/16/2013 Amy E.
Came here for Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet, and I was pleasantly surprised. The place was full, but the line to get in wasn't too long. The prime rib was flavorful, tender, juicy, and delicious....
11/12/2013 Melissa S.
For the price I was disappointed. There was a lot of food but for some reason the majority of it, even the meats, had a strange taste. Hard to describe, somewhat sweet like teriyaki. Not very...
10/20/2013 Joseph L.
Went for the all you can eat lobster. The lobster was really good. There where times that it was difficult to crack it open. The buffet selection was good. They just need to work on keeping it...
07/01/2013 Mark R.
I was on the late lunch time for buffet. Monday seems to be slower day at casino. The London broil was perfectly medium rare. The bbq ribs were perfect, I tried about half track to make sure...
07/17/2012 Vanessa C.
Epic Buffet? More like Epic Fail Buffet!I like buffet's. I don't love them, but I can appreciate a buffet when I just wanna fill my gullet and experience mac'n'cheese AND asian chicken AND a...
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