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2105 Court Ave Memphis TN 38104

Malco Studio On the Square

2105 Court Ave Memphis TN 38104

(901) 725-7151

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based on 26 Reviews
01/22/2014 Karen L.
I gotta add -- with the influx of restaurants in Overton Square, parking here has become a real problem. A typical scenario: the boyfriend and I pull up 20 minutes before the show, realize...
10/18/2013 Werner V.
This is definitely our go to movie theatre in Memphis. Yes, it helps that it is right around the corner from our house, but it is also quaint and charming. I have never found it overly crowded and...
09/10/2013 Joelle P.
One of my favorite movie theaters in Memphis! I love this place - and not just because they serve cheese and wine. Paradiso is the closest to my house, but lets face it, once you start getting...
08/25/2013 Sandy W.
If I had a choice, this is where I'd prefer to go see movies in Memphis. It's cozy, serves alcohol, and plays some not mainstream movies. It's close enough to so many restaurants that you can have...
08/19/2013 Kyle W.
Remember when I said that this theater has ample parking? Yea, I lied. At one point, I remember I could come here at any time of day and have no problem find a parking space. However, as the...
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