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Located along the banks of the Skeena River, Terrace, British Columbia, is a paradise of outdoor recreational activity and cultural adventure. The Tsimshian First Nation peoples initially inhabited the Skeena River area, known to them as the K’shian River, over 10,000 years ago. Europeans started arriving during the late 1800s, and the area that would later become the city of Terrace was settled by George Little in March 1905. The George Little House has been restored to its original condition and can be toured by visitors in downtown Terrace.

A wealth of outdoor recreational activities are available to adventure seekers all year round. During the summer months one of Terrace’s most popular attractions is sport fishing. Salmon and steelhead can be caught from the banks of the Skeena River, and trophy-size trout can be found in many of the nearby lakes, with some fish making their way to the menus of Terrace restaurants.

For a closer look at nature, adventurers enjoy a wide range of easily accessible trails scattered around Terrace. These hiking and biking paths offer scenic views for a variety of skill levels, from easy walking trails such as Ferry Island to more challenging mountain treks along Gunsight Lake.

During the winter months, Terrace visitors can try their hands at snowmobiling and ice skating. Snowmobilers will find numerous snow fields and trail networks where they can observe dazzling snow-scapes and white forests. The lakes and ponds freeze over every year and, once cleared, are perfect for a casual skate or even a little pond hockey.

Those who are looking to stay closer to civilization will find plenty to do along the streets of Terrace. Art lovers can browse for hours at the Terrace Art Gallery and other studios around town, or experience the creations of the First Nations at the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art.

History buffs should make their way over to the George Little House for a site tour. Afterward, plan to shop at some of the local handicraft, cultural artefact and antique stalls set up around the area. Located close by is the George Little Park, an outdoor space in the heart of the city that offers unique activities for all ages. While the children visit the miniature skate park or swing on the playground, the adults can check out the outdoor fitness centre or take in a live show at the Spirit Square and outdoor stage.

After a long day of exploring, be sure to relax and unwind with dinner at one of Terrace’s unique and locally owned restaurants. Dining options in town includes everything from ethnic restaurants to casual diners. Two of the more popular eateries are Haryana’s, where you will find authentic Indian food made from scratch, and Don Diego’s, an authentic Mexican restaurant with the best salsa in town. After dinner, visitors will want to end the night by taking in a variety show or trying their luck with games of skill or chance at Chances Casino in Terrace.