New Brunswick


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One of the four original provinces of Canada, New Brunswick contains dense wilderness and scenic beauty that rivals any other location in eastern Canada. From Saint John and the Bay of Fundy in the south to the Acadian Coast in the east, New Brunswick has a wealth of places to explore.

Along the southern coast of New Brunswick, you will find the province’s largest city, Saint John, not to be confused with the city in Newfoundland of the same name. Here, visitors can enjoy a stroll through the city’s waterfront and visit the Saint John City Market. Be sure to take a boat tour out into the Bay of Fundy for whale watching, a must when visiting New Brunswick. The bay is rich with over 15 different types of whales, and you can find numerous boat tours at one of the many ports in the area.

Next, travel north to the provincial capital, Fredericton, located along the Saint John River. Downtown, you will find City Hall and Officers Square, where most days and nights tourists visiting New Brusnwick can enjoy outdoor concerts, films and theatre productions. Fredericton is home to many top New Brunswick attractions, including the York-Sunbury Museum, formally and old officers’ quarters of the Canadian Army. You can also check out a show at the Theatre New Brunswick. If you happen to be in town on Saturday, stop by the Boyce Farmers Market, or “the Market” as it is known throughout the city, where you will find an intriguing selection of one-of-a-kind gifts and crafts.

To the east is one of the best New Brunswick attractions–the Acadian Coast, named after the descendants of the 17th-century French colonists that settled the region. Today, the coast is lined with pristine beaches and historic villages that will take you on a 400-year journey through the history of the region. Visit the Village Historique Acadien and experience the life of the earliest settlers or journey south to the Shediac Bay and partake in lobster pulled fresh from the ocean that very day.