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For those planning an Ontario visit, the sky is the limit. Ontario has more people than any other province and is home to such attractions as Toronto and Niagara Falls, as well as the country’s capital city, Ottawa. Quebec is to the east, and the Great Lakes all rest at the province’s southern border. Most of the visitor areas, as well as the majority of Ontario activities, are located in the southern part of the province, with the northern area still containing massive areas of uncharted territory.

Most people start their Ontario visit in Toronto. Toronto is a city of nearly 6 million people and is generally considered a friendly place, with walking paths, green space and a well-planned mass transit system. If you only have time for a few Ontario activities, be sure to visit the CN Tower. The city’s most recognizable icon rises more than 1,800 feet into the skyline and offers unparalleled views from its observation deck. The Distillery Historic District offers a great selection of restaurants and shops in what was once the city’s whiskey distillery. Even the most lackluster museum goers will appreciate the city’s Royal Ontario Museum. The ROM’s unique entrance, dubbed “The Crystal,” and its collection of over 6 million artifacts offer lessons in Canadian heritage.

Niagara sits across Lake Ontario from Toronto and is about much more than the falls, although a trip to Niagara Falls is definitely a must. Guests visiting the falls should also check out the area’s rich natural beauty at Niagara Parks’ Botanical Gardens. The Niagara area is home to a large number of quaint bed and breakfasts, world-class restaurants and a growing wine industry. The drive along Highway 8, known as the Wine Route, provides gorgeous views and a chance to tour local wineries.

Another must-see area during an Ontario visit is the country’s capital city of Ottawa, about four hours from Toronto. There are festivals throughout the year, along with a number of great shopping venues. Outdoor activities in Ottawa are popular, including hiking, horseback riding, skiing and boating.