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Located only 15 minutes southeast of Montreal, and situated just across the Port Champlain bridge on the Riviére du Nord, the charming area of Brossard, Quebec has a feel all its own. Rich with shopping options and parks that are ideal for leisurely strolls, Brossard invites travelers to linger.

When looking for things to do in Brossard, start with ambling through one of the town's many green spaces. Sorbonne Park and Sansonnets Park, both close to the center of the area, provide ample lawn space for picnics, and they are connected to other areas of the city through a 37-kilometre biking path.

For shopping, look no further: bargain hunting is one of the most popular things to do in Brossard. Champlain Mall, located on the lengthy commercial street Taschereau Boulevard, attracts over 6 million visitors per year. Celebrity guests often appear at the mall's events, and numerous stores and restaurants are coupled with art exhibits and occasional live music. The mall’s twenty restaurants, from casual takeout to upscale dining, make Brossard shopping an all-day event.

Another gem, Place Portobello, also sits along Taschereau Boulevard, about three km south from Champlain Mall. The complex contains 65 stores, with retailers ranging from designer couture to humble hardware. Considered the city’s oldest mall, Place Portobello is one of the best Brossard shopping destinations.

Only four km east of Place Portobello is Brossard's newest shopping must-see, Quartier Dix30. Developed in phases over seven years, and billed as the country's first "lifestyle centre," Quartier Dix30 boasts a multi-colored, illuminated tower and an expansive shopping area. Over 200 boutiques entice shoppers, while entertainment and dining options abound. An open-air SkySpa with rooftop hot tubs offers a stunning view of the area, while a Nordic-style waterfall energises guests.

Bell Sports Complex, where the Montreal Canadiens play, was built adjacent to the mall, and the public is welcome to watch practices or skate during non-game days. In addition to hockey games, the complex hosts tournaments and events for soccer, ultimate frisbee and figure skating.

After a busy day, connect with nature by heading up to the Couvée Islands Bird Sanctuary, nestled on the northern edge of town. One of the top things to do in Brossard, the sanctuary was created when Montreal subways were developed. The imposing rocks dug from tunnels were placed in a long, thin strip that became a man-made island, and grassland was eventually added to create the protected area. Birders, in particular, are drawn to the variety of birds, but any traveller will appreciate the blend of songs rising from warblers, orioles and king birds. From the sanctuary, or any other section of the riverfront, visitors can see an expansive view of Champlain Bridge. Stretching to 6 kilometres, the cantilever construction is the busiest bridge in the country.

Whether popping down to Brossard's many parks while touring Montreal or spending days strolling through the city's shopping attractions, travellers will find a wealth of attractions in Brossard.