Dover, DE

1151 Harrisburg Pike

Route 1

163.044 miles
2hr 44min
  1. Start out going east on E Division St/DE-8 toward S American Ave. Continue to follow DE-8.

    Then 1.87 miles
  2. Merge onto DE-1 N via the ramp on the left toward Wilmington (Portions toll).

    1. If you are on N Little Creek Rd and reach Fox Rd you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 1.67 miles
  3. Keep right to take DE-1 N toward Toll Plaza/Cash (Portions toll).

    Then 34.10 miles
  4. Keep right to take DE-1 N toward I-95 N/Wilmington/Baltimore.

    Then 5.22 miles
  5. Merge onto I-95 N/Delaware Tpke N via EXIT 165B toward Wilmington/Philadelphia.

    Then 2.89 miles
  6. Keep left to take I-95 N toward I-495/Wilmington/Philadelphia.

    Then 1.41 miles
  7. Keep left to take I-95 N/US-202 N toward Wilmington.

    Then 4.54 miles
  8. Take the US-202/Concord Pk exit, EXIT 8, toward West Chester/Wilmington.

    Then 0.14 miles
  9. Merge onto US-202 N via the ramp on the left toward West Chester (Crossing into Pennsylvania).

    Then 13.19 miles
  10. Merge onto US-202 N toward Paoli/Downingtown.

    Then 3.48 miles
  11. Take the PA-100 N exit toward US-30 W/Exton.

    Then 0.44 miles
  12. Merge onto PA-100 Spur N.

    Then 2.42 miles
  13. PA-100 Spur N becomes PA-100 N/Pottstown Pike.

    Then 4.60 miles
  14. Take the Pennsylvania Tpke exit.

    Then 0.39 miles
  15. Merge onto I-76 W/Pennsylvania Tpke W via the ramp on the left toward Harrisburg (Portions toll).

    Then 85.88 miles
  16. Merge onto US-11 S/Harrisburg Pike via EXIT 226 toward Carlisle.

    Then 0.81 miles

    1. If you reach Shady Ln you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.00 miles