Cross City, FL

French Lick, IN

Route 1

Go northeast on NE Highway 351/County Hwy-351.
779.6061 miles
12hr 10min
  1. Start out going north on NE 144Th St toward NE 210th Ave.

    Then 0.06 miles
  2. Take the 2nd left onto NE 214th Ave.

    1. NE 214th Ave is just past NE 210th Ave

    2. If you reach NE 217th Ave you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.19 miles
  3. Take the 3rd right onto NE Highway 351/County Hwy-351.

    1. NE Highway 351 is just past NE 134th St

    2. If you reach NE 126th St you've gone a little too far

    Then 12.55 miles
  4. Turn slight left onto NE Highway 349/FL-349. Continue to follow FL-349.

    1. FL-349 is just past NE 682nd Ave

    Then 14.06 miles
  5. Turn right onto E US 27/US-27 S/FL-20. Continue to follow US-27 S/FL-20.

    Then 1.35 miles
  6. Turn left onto Suwannee Ave SW/US-129 N/FL-252. Continue to follow US-129 N.

    1. US-129 N is just past Ivey Memorial Park Dr SW

    2. If you reach Drane St SW you've gone a little too far

    Then 36.14 miles
  7. Merge onto I-75 N via the ramp on the left toward Jennings (Crossing into Georgia).

    Then 175.63 miles
  8. Keep left to take I-475 N/GA-408 N via EXIT 156 toward Atlanta.

    Then 15.94 miles
  9. I-475 N/GA-408 N becomes I-75 N/GA-401 N.

    Then 72.14 miles
  10. Keep right to take I-75 N/GA-401 N toward Marietta/Chattanooga.

    Then 17.80 miles
  11. Keep left to take I-75 N toward Chattanooga (Crossing into Tennessee).

    Then 88.13 miles
  12. Merge onto I-24 W via EXIT 2 on the left toward Chattanooga/Nashville (Passing through Georgia, then crossing into Tennessee).

    Then 137.11 miles
  13. Keep right to take I-24 W via EXIT 211 toward I-65 N/Clarksville/Louisville.

    Then 4.87 miles
  14. Keep right to take I-65 N toward Louisville.

    Then 6.94 miles
  15. Keep left to take I-65 N toward Louisville (Crossing into Kentucky).

    Then 46.21 miles
  16. Take EXIT 20A-B toward Owensboro/Scottsville.

    Then 0.27 miles
  17. Take EXIT 20B on the left toward Owensboro/Bowling Green.

    Then 0.95 miles
  18. Merge onto William H. Natcher Pkwy N.

    Then 69.72 miles
  19. Take the US-60 E exit, EXIT 72A, toward Hawesville.

    Then 0.33 miles
  20. Merge onto US-231 E (Crossing into Indiana).

    Then 34.74 miles
  21. Merge onto I-64 E toward Louisville.

    Then 15.80 miles
  22. Take the IN-145 exit, EXIT 72, toward Birdseye/Bristow.

    Then 0.34 miles
  23. Turn left onto IN-145/S State Road 145.

    1. If you reach I-64 E you've gone about 0.2 miles too far

    Then 7.29 miles
  24. Turn right onto E State Road 64/IN-145/IN-64.

    1. E State Road 64 is just past Walnut St

    2. CIRCLE A FOOD MART is on the right

    3. If you are on E State Road 64 and reach Bergs Ln you've gone about 0.2 miles too far

    Then 4.38 miles
  25. Turn left onto N State Road 145/IN-145.

    Then 16.18 miles
  26. Turn left onto W State Road 56/IN-56.

    1. W State Road 56 is just past S Larry Bird Blvd

    Then 0.49 miles
  27. Welcome to FRENCH LICK, IN.

    1. Your destination is just past S Lincoln St

    2. If you reach Spring St you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.00 miles