31757, GA

36130, AL

Route 1

Go west on US Highway 84 Byp W.
200.618 miles
3hr 40min
  1. Start out going southwest on Dillon Rd toward Cypress Ln.

    Then 1.10 miles
  2. Turn left onto US Highway 319 N/US-319 S/GA-35.

    1. US Highway 319 N is 0.1 miles past McAdam Ln

    2. If you are on Hunters Pl and reach Tyler's Ln you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.20 miles
  3. Turn slight right onto US Highway 84 Byp W/US-319 S/US-84 Byp W. Continue to follow US Highway 84 Byp W.

    Then 6.35 miles
  4. Turn right onto US Highway 84 W/US-84 W/GA-38. Continue to follow US-84 W/GA-38.

    1. If you are on US Highway 84 W and reach Greenwood Plantation you've gone about 1.5 miles too far

    Then 31.83 miles
  5. Turn slight left onto US-84 W/GA-38 W.

    Then 4.69 miles
  6. Take the US-84 exit toward Donalsonville/Dothan Ala.

    Then 0.16 miles
  7. Keep left to take the ramp toward Donalsonville/DOTHAN.

    Then 0.02 miles
  8. Turn left onto Dothan Rd/US-84 W/US-27 Bus N/GA-38/GA-1 Bus. Continue to follow US-84 W (Crossing into Alabama).

    Then 50.61 miles
  9. Turn slight right onto Ross Clark Cir/US-84 W/US-431 N/AL-210. Continue to follow Ross Clark Cir/US-84 W/AL-210.

    1. Ross Clark Cir is 0.2 miles past Crossing Ln

    Then 5.55 miles
  10. Turn right onto Montgomery Hwy/US-231 N/AL-53. Continue to follow US-231 N.

    1. US-231 N is just past Sullivan Dr

    Then 94.27 miles
  11. Turn left onto E South Blvd/US-80 W/US-82 W/US-231 S/AL-6/AL-53/AL-9/AL-15/AL-8/AL-21. Continue to follow US-80 W/US-82 W/AL-9/AL-15/AL-8/AL-21.

    1. US-80 W is 0.1 miles past Troy Hwy

    Then 1.36 miles
  12. Turn right onto Woodley Rd.

    1. If you are on US-80 W and reach Frontage Rd you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.99 miles
  13. Turn left to stay on Woodley Rd.

    Then 0.80 miles
  14. Turn slight right onto Narrow Lane Rd.

    1. If you reach Southview Ave you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.80 miles
  15. Turn left onto Carter Hill Rd.

    1. Sonic Drive-In is on the corner

    Then 0.52 miles
  16. Turn right onto Harris Way.

    1. Harris Way is just past Boultier St

    2. If you reach Belfast St you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.36 miles
  17. Harris Way becomes Hall St.

    Then 0.68 miles
  18. Turn right onto Adams Ave.

    1. Adams Ave is just past King Cole Dr

    2. Churchs Chicken is on the corner

    3. If you reach Washington Ave you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.21 miles
  19. Adams Ave becomes Mount Meigs Rd.

    Then 0.01 miles
  20. Turn left onto S Hopper St.

    1. If you reach Chase St you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.12 miles
  21. Welcome to MONTGOMERY, AL 36130.

    1. If you reach E Washington St you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.00 miles