1000 3rd St

2200 College Ave

Route 1

Go northwest on E Saint Louis Ave.
4.734 miles
  1. Start out going west on 3rd St toward Douglas St.

    Then 0.44 miles
  2. Turn left onto Bowman Ave.

    Then 0.11 miles
  3. Turn right onto E Saint Louis Ave.

    Then 1.09 miles
  4. E Saint Louis Ave becomes IL-3.

    Then 1.35 miles
  5. Turn slight right onto ramp.

    Then 0.33 miles
  6. Keep left at the fork in the ramp.

    Then 0.02 miles
  7. Turn left onto College Ave/IL-140. Continue to follow College Ave.

    Then 1.39 miles
  8. 2200 COLLEGE AVE is on the right.

    1. Your destination is 0.1 miles past Humbert St

    2. If you reach Rock Springs Dr you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.00 miles