1014 S Main St

Geneva Rd & Coventry Dr

Route 1

7.676 miles
  1. Start out going south on S Main St toward W Central Ave.

    Then 0.24 miles
  2. Take the 2nd right onto W Edward St.

    1. W Edward St is just past W Central Ave

    2. If you reach W Morris Ave you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.50 miles
  3. Turn right onto Finley Rd/S Finley Rd. Continue to follow Finley Rd.

    Then 0.81 miles
  4. Turn left onto W Madison St.

    1. W Madison St is 0.1 miles past W Harding Rd

    2. If you reach Charles Ln you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.20 miles
  5. Turn right onto IL-53/S State Route 53. Continue to follow IL-53.

    Then 0.98 miles
  6. Take the 2nd left onto W Saint Charles Rd.

    1. W Saint Charles Rd is 0.4 miles past Illinois Prairie Path

    2. If you are on N Columbine Ave and reach W Woodland Ave you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 1.57 miles
  7. W Saint Charles Rd becomes Geneva Rd.

    Then 3.40 miles

    1. Your destination is just past Wheatberry Dr

    2. If you reach Partridge Dr you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.00 miles