Frankfort, KY

Route 1

Go north on Highway 208/KY-208.
64.579 miles
1hr 12min
  1. Start out going northeast on Joe Buckman Ln toward W Calvary Dr.

    Then 0.00 miles
  2. Take the 1st right onto W Calvary Dr.

    Then 0.11 miles
  3. Turn left onto Highway 208/KY-208.

    Then 1.66 miles
  4. Turn left onto KY-2154/Veterans Memorial Hwy.

    1. If you reach Francis Marion Dr you've gone about 0.4 miles too far

    Then 4.14 miles
  5. Turn left onto Springfield Rd/KY-55. Continue to follow KY-55.

    1. KY-55 is 0.8 miles past Saint Rose Rd

    2. If you reach the end of Hendrickson Dr you've gone about 0.4 miles too far

    Then 7.36 miles
  6. Stay straight to go onto US-150 E/KY-555/Highway 555. Continue to follow KY-555/Highway 555.

    Then 14.60 miles
  7. Take the Bluegrass Pkwy E ramp toward Lawrenceburg/Lexington.

    Then 0.30 miles
  8. Merge onto Martha Layne Collins Blue Grass Pkwy E.

    Then 17.06 miles
  9. Merge onto US-127 N/KY-513/Harrodsburg Rd via EXIT 59B toward I-64/Lawrenceburg/Frankfort.

    Then 1.02 miles
  10. Stay straight to go onto Bypass S/US-127 Byp N. Continue to follow Bypass S.

    Then 8.78 miles
  11. Bypass S becomes US Highway 127 S/US-127 N.

    Then 4.02 miles
  12. US Highway 127 S/US-127 N becomes Lawrenceburg Rd.

    Then 0.67 miles
  13. Stay straight to go onto US Highway 127 S.

    Then 1.52 miles
  14. US Highway 127 S becomes US-127 N.

    Then 2.85 miles
  15. Stay straight to go onto Clinton St/KY-420. Continue to follow Clinton St.

    Then 0.36 miles
  16. Turn left onto High St/KY-420.

    1. High St is just past Elk Aly

    2. First Baptist Church is on the left

    3. If you are on Regan St and reach State Building Dr you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.09 miles
  17. Turn left onto Mero St/KY-420.

    Then 0.04 miles
  18. Welcome to FRANKFORT, KY.

    1. If you reach Ann St you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.00 miles