Lexington, KY

5585 Lawrenceburg Rd

Route 1

47.08 miles
  1. Start out going northwest on W Main St/US-60 W/US-25 N/US-421 N toward Wrehn Ct.

    Then 0.24 miles
  2. Turn left onto S Broadway/US-60 W/US-27 S/US-68 W.

    1. If you reach Algonquin St you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.13 miles
  3. Take the 1st right onto W High St/Pisgah Pike Scenic Byway/US-60 W. Continue to follow Pisgah Pike Scenic Byway/US-60 W.

    1. Pisgah Pike Scenic Byway is just past W Vine St

    2. If you are on Pisgah Pike Scenic Byway and reach W Maxwell St you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 9.53 miles
  4. Take the ramp toward Lawrenceburg/Elizabethtown.

    Then 0.68 miles
  5. Merge onto Martha Layne Collins Blue Grass Pkwy.

    Then 29.18 miles
  6. Take the KY-555 exit, EXIT 42, toward Springfield/Lebanon.

    Then 0.33 miles
  7. Turn right onto Highway 555/KY-555.

    1. If you reach Martha Layne Collins Blue Grass Pkwy you've gone about 0.2 miles too far

    Then 1.94 miles
  8. Turn left onto Love Ridge Connector.

    1. Love Ridge Connector is 0.2 miles past Terrell Ln

    2. If you reach Love Ridge Rd you've gone about 0.2 miles too far

    Then 0.09 miles
  9. Turn slight left onto Love Ridge Rd.

    1. Love Ridge Rd is just past Terrell Ln

    Then 2.35 miles
  10. Turn left onto Lawrenceburg Rd/US-62 W.

    Then 2.62 miles
  11. 5585 LAWRENCEBURG RD is on the left.

    1. Your destination is just past Old Tunnell Mill Rd

    2. If you reach Lawrenceburg Loop you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.00 miles