30 Trevanion Rd

251 Peach Tree Rd

Route 1

Go northwest on MD-140 (Crossing into Pennsylvania).
23.573 miles
  1. Start out going north on Trevanion Rd toward E Baltimore St/MD-140.

    Then 0.10 miles
  2. Turn left onto E Baltimore St/MD-140. Continue to follow MD-140 (Crossing into Pennsylvania).

    Then 10.74 miles
  3. MD-140 becomes Waynesboro Pike/PA-16.

    Then 1.55 miles
  4. Turn right onto Fairfield Rd/PA-116. Continue to follow PA-116.

    1. PA-116 is just past Gingell Rd

    2. If you reach Valley Trl you've gone about 0.9 miles too far

    Then 4.43 miles
  5. Turn slight left onto Carrolls Tract Rd.

    1. Carrolls Tract Rd is 0.1 miles past Wortz Dr

    2. If you are on Fairfield Rd and reach Bullfrog Rd you've gone about 0.4 miles too far

    Then 3.45 miles
  6. Stay straight to go onto Orrtanna Rd.

    Then 2.44 miles
  7. Stay straight to go onto Scott School Rd.

    Then 0.44 miles
  8. Turn right onto Peach Tree Rd.

    1. If you reach Poplar Springs Rd you've gone about 0.4 miles too far

    Then 0.44 miles
  9. 251 PEACH TREE RD is on the left.

    Then 0.00 miles