Newark, NJ


Route 1

Go north on NJ-21 N.
368.164 miles
6hr 9min
  1. Start out going northeast on Broad St toward Green St.

    Then 0.31 miles
  2. Turn right onto Market St/County Hwy-510.

    1. Market St is just past Edison Pl

    2. If you reach Bank St you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.31 miles
  3. Turn left onto McCarter Hwy N/NJ-21 N. Continue to follow NJ-21 N.

    1. NJ-21 N is 0.1 miles past Mulberry St

    2. If you reach Raymond Plz W you've gone a little too far

    Then 12.13 miles
  4. NJ-21 N becomes US-46 E/US Highway 46.

    Then 0.28 miles
  5. Keep left to take NJ-20 N/McLean Blvd toward I-80/Paterson.

    Then 3.95 miles
  6. Stay straight to go onto Maple Ave.

    Then 0.86 miles
  7. Merge onto NJ-208 N toward Oakland.

    Then 6.74 miles
  8. Merge onto I-287 N toward I-87 N/Mahwah/N Y Thruway (Crossing into New York).

    Then 7.82 miles
  9. Merge onto I-87 N/New York Trwy N via the exit on the left toward Albany (Portions toll).

    Then 14.33 miles
  10. Keep right to take I-87 N/New York Trwy N via EXIT 16 toward US-6/NY-17/Harriman/TOLL BOOTHS/GET TICKET (Portions toll).

    Then 103.35 miles
  11. Merge onto I-90 E/I-87 N via EXIT 24 toward Albany/Montreal (Portions toll).

    Then 0.90 miles
  12. Merge onto I-87 N/Adirondack Northway N via EXIT 1N toward Albany Int'l Airport/Montreal (Crossing into Québec, Canada).

    Then 176.66 miles
  13. I-87 N/Adirondack Northway N becomes QC-15 N.

    Then 32.88 miles
  14. Merge onto Boul Marie-Victorin/QC-15 N via EXIT 53 toward QC-20 O/QC-10/Pont Champlain/Montréal/Sherbrooke/Québec.

    Then 0.54 miles
  15. Merge onto QC-20 O/QC-10 O/QC-15 N toward Montréal.

    Then 3.05 miles
  16. Merge onto QC-10 O.

    Then 2.72 miles
  17. Merge onto QC-720 E/Aut Ville-Marie via the exit on the left.

    Then 0.81 miles
  18. Take EXIT 6 toward Rue Berri/Vieux-Montrèal/Vieux-Port.

    Then 0.33 miles
  19. Merge onto Rue Saint-Antoine E.

    Then 0.03 miles
  20. Take the 1st right onto Rue de Bonsecours.

    1. Rue de Bonsecours is just past Rue Guy-Frégault

    2. If you reach Rue Berri you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.11 miles
  21. Turn right onto Rue Notre-Dame E.

    1. Rue Notre-Dame E is just past Rue du Champ-de-Mars

    2. If you reach Rue Saint-Paul E you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.08 miles
  22. Welcome to MONTREAL, QC.

    1. If you reach Place Jacques-Cartier you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.00 miles