New York

Quaker Street, NY

Route 1

Go south on State Route 46/NY-46.
80.775 miles
1hr 39min
  1. Start out going east on Lynch Rd/County Hwy-42 toward Trestle Lake Dr.

    Then 0.98 miles
  2. Turn right onto State Route 46/NY-46.

    Then 2.29 miles
  3. Turn right to stay on State Route 46/NY-46.

    1. State Route 46 is 0.1 miles past Pratts Rd

    Then 0.02 miles
  4. Turn left onto State Route 20/US-20 E/NY-20/NY-46. Continue to follow US-20 E.

    Then 75.02 miles
  5. Turn right onto Main St/NY-395.

    1. Main St is 0.1 miles past Overlook Heights Rd

    Then 2.41 miles
  6. Turn right onto Duanesburg Rd/NY-7.

    1. Duanesburg Rd is 0.5 miles past W Shore Rd

    2. Wolfe's Mkt is on the right

    Then 0.05 miles
  7. Welcome to QUAKER STREET, NY.

    1. Your destination is just past Darby Hill Rd

    2. If you reach Bull St you've gone about 0.4 miles too far

    Then 0.00 miles