Buffalo, NY

Santee, SC

Route 1

809.909 miles
12hr 34min
  1. Start out going south on S Elmwood Ave/NY-5 toward Jerge Dr.

    Then 0.23 miles
  2. Take the NY-5 W exit.

    Then 0.05 miles
  3. Stay straight to go onto NY-5 W/Buffalo Skwy S. Continue to follow NY-5 W.

    Then 7.79 miles
  4. Stay straight to go onto NY-75/Saint Francis Dr. Continue to follow NY-75.

    Then 2.65 miles
  5. Merge onto I-90 W toward Erie (Portions toll) (Crossing into Pennsylvania).

    Then 85.06 miles
  6. Merge onto I-79 S via EXIT 22A toward Pittsburgh.

    Then 106.39 miles
  7. Keep right to take I-79 S toward Washington.

    Then 37.30 miles
  8. Merge onto I-79 S via EXIT 21 toward Morgantown (Crossing into West Virginia).

    Then 136.19 miles
  9. Take the US-19 S exit, EXIT 57, toward Beckley.

    Then 0.33 miles
  10. Merge onto US-19 S toward Beckley/Summerville.

    Then 67.12 miles
  11. US-19 S becomes US-19 Alt S.

    Then 1.63 miles
  12. Merge onto I-64 E/I-77 S toward Bluefield.

    Then 7.08 miles
  13. Keep right to take I-77 S toward Bluefield (Portions toll) (Crossing into Virginia).

    Then 75.51 miles
  14. Merge onto I-77 S via EXIT 81 toward Charlotte NC (Passing through North Carolina, then crossing into South Carolina).

    Then 210.07 miles
  15. Keep left to take I-77 S toward Charleston/I-20 E/Florence.

    Then 17.98 miles
  16. Merge onto I-26 E via the exit on the left toward Charleston.

    Then 39.26 miles
  17. Merge onto US-301 N/Five Chop Rd via EXIT 154B toward Santee.

    Then 14.04 miles
  18. Turn left onto Bass Dr.

    1. If you are on Five Chop Rd and reach Gerber St you've gone about 0.2 miles too far

    Then 1.24 miles
  19. Welcome to SANTEE, SC.

    1. Your destination is just past Brooks Blvd

    2. If you reach John Lawson Ave you've gone about 0.2 miles too far

    Then 0.00 miles