3301 W Main St

2300 N Lincoln Blvd

Route 1

Go north on I-35 N.
19.838 miles
  1. Start out going west on W Main St.

    Then 0.08 miles
  2. Take the 1st left.

    1. If you reach 36th Ave SW you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.01 miles
  3. Take the 1st left onto W Main St.

    Then 0.37 miles
  4. Merge onto I-35 N via the ramp on the left.

    Then 16.86 miles
  5. Take I-235 N/US-77 N toward I-235 N/Okla Health Center/State Capitol/Edmond.

    Then 0.86 miles
  6. Merge onto N Lincoln Blvd via EXIT 1D toward OK Health Ctr/State Capitol.

    Then 1.66 miles
  7. 2300 N LINCOLN BLVD is on the right.

    Then 0.00 miles