201 Wood St

4065 Greensburg Pike

Route 1

Go southeast on Wood St.
10.139 miles
  1. Start out going southwest on Wood St toward Boulevard of the Allies/PA-885.

    Then 0.10 miles
  2. Keep left at the fork to continue on Wood St.

    Then 0.51 miles
  3. Turn slight left onto I-376 E/US-30 E/US-22 E/Penn Lincoln Pkwy E/Parkway East. Continue to follow I-376 E/US-22 E/Parkway East.

    Then 7.86 miles
  4. Take the Greensburg Pike exit, EXIT 79A.

    Then 0.23 miles
  5. Turn left onto Greensburg Pike.

    Then 1.44 miles
  6. 4065 GREENSBURG PIKE is on the left.

    1. Your destination is just past Elizabeth St

    2. If you reach Carl Ave you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.00 miles