[1272 - 2699] W Philadelphia St

05408, VT

Route 1

Go east on US-30 E.
454.458 miles
8hr 14min
  1. Start out going east on W Philadelphia St toward N Clinton St.

    Then 0.37 miles
  2. Turn left onto N Adams St.

    1. N Adams St is 0.1 miles past N Seward St

    2. If you reach N Highland Ave you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.48 miles
  3. Turn left onto Carlisle Rd/PA-74.

    Then 0.46 miles
  4. Merge onto US-30 E toward Lancaster.

    Then 27.51 miles
  5. Merge onto US-222 N toward I-76/Reading.

    Then 28.15 miles
  6. Stay straight to go onto US-422 E/Conrad Weiser Pkwy/Benjamin Franklin Hwy E/Warren St Byp E.

    Then 0.28 miles
  7. Take PA-12 E/Warren Street Byp E toward Pricetown.

    Then 2.39 miles
  8. Take the US-222 Bus/5th Street exit.

    Then 0.18 miles
  9. Merge onto US-222 Bus N toward Kutztown/Allentown.

    Then 4.74 miles
  10. US-222 Bus N becomes US-222 N.

    Then 17.95 miles
  11. Stay straight to go onto US-222 Bus N/Hamilton Blvd. Continue to follow Hamilton Blvd.

    Then 4.94 miles
  12. Merge onto I-78 E toward Bethlehem/Quakertown (Crossing into New Jersey).

    Then 53.07 miles
  13. Merge onto I-287 N via EXIT 29 toward I-80/US-202 N/US-206 N/Morristown (Crossing into New York).

    Then 47.40 miles
  14. Merge onto I-87 N/New York Trwy N via the exit on the left toward Albany (Portions toll).

    Then 14.33 miles
  15. Keep right to take I-87 N/New York Trwy N via EXIT 16 toward US-6/NY-17/Harriman/TOLL BOOTHS/GET TICKET (Portions toll).

    Then 103.35 miles
  16. Merge onto I-90 E/I-87 N via EXIT 24 toward Albany/Montreal (Portions toll).

    Then 0.90 miles
  17. Merge onto I-87 N/Adirondack Northway N via EXIT 1N toward Albany Int'l Airport/Montreal.

    Then 50.45 miles
  18. Take EXIT 20 toward NY-149/Fort Ann/Whitehall.

    Then 0.17 miles
  19. Turn left onto US-9 N/NY-9/State Route 9.

    Then 0.50 miles
  20. Turn right onto State Route 149/NY-149. Continue to follow NY-149.

    1. The Loft is on the corner

    Then 11.74 miles
  21. Turn left onto George St/US-4 E/NY-4. Continue to follow US-4 E.

    1. US-4 E is just past Catherine St

    2. If you reach Canal St you've gone a little too far

    Then 10.57 miles
  22. Turn slight right onto Poultney St/US-4 E. Continue to follow US-4 E (Crossing into Vermont).

    1. US-4 E is just past Maple St

    2. If you reach Boardman St you've gone a little too far

    Then 7.92 miles
  23. Take the VT-22A exit, EXIT 2, toward Fair Haven/Vergennes.

    Then 0.25 miles
  24. Turn left onto VT-22A/Route 22A N. Continue to follow VT-22A.

    Then 41.91 miles
  25. Turn left onto US-7 N/Route 7. Continue to follow US-7 N.

    Then 20.11 miles
  26. Turn slight left onto Shelburne Rd.

    1. Shelburne Rd is just past Gove Ct

    Then 0.14 miles
  27. Stay straight to go onto Saint Paul St.

    Then 0.83 miles
  28. Turn left onto Main St.

    1. Main St is just past King St

    2. What Ale's You is on the right

    3. If you reach Lawson Ln you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.23 miles
  29. Take the 3rd right onto Battery St.

    1. Battery St is just past S Champlain St

    2. If you are on Lake St and reach College St you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

    Then 0.32 miles
  30. Battery St becomes Park St/VT-127.

    Then 0.12 miles
  31. Turn left onto Sherman St.

    Then 0.06 miles
  32. Turn slight right onto North Ave.

    1. If you reach the end of Sherman St you've gone a little too far

    Then 2.58 miles
  33. Turn left onto Woodbury Rd.

    1. Woodbury Rd is just past Woodlawn Rd

    2. If you reach Staniford Rd you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.08 miles
  34. Welcome to BURLINGTON, VT 05408.

    1. If you reach Stanbury Rd you've gone about 0.3 miles too far

    Then 0.00 miles