Elkins, WV

Greenville, PA

Route 1

Go west on US-33 W.
236.279 miles
3hr 50min
  1. Start out going northwest on Randolph Ave/US-33 W/US-250 N/US-219 N/WV-92 toward Buffalo St. Continue to follow WV-92.

    Then 4.63 miles
  2. Turn left onto US-33 W/US-250 N/WV-92/US Highway 250. Continue to follow US-33 W.

    Then 31.45 miles
  3. Merge onto I-79 N toward Clarksburg (Crossing into Pennsylvania).

    Then 178.09 miles
  4. Merge onto I-80 W via EXIT 116B toward Sharon.

    Then 4.51 miles
  5. Take the US-19 exit, EXIT 15, toward Mercer.

    Then 0.19 miles
  6. Merge onto US-19 N toward Mercer.

    Then 2.51 miles
  7. Turn slight left onto Greenville Ave/PA-58. Continue to follow PA-58.

    1. PA-58 is just past W Quince St

    Then 14.68 miles
  8. Turn right onto Main St/PA-18/PA-58/PA-358.

    1. Main St is just past Swamp Aly

    2. Alley Cat is on the right

    3. If you are on N Mercer St and reach Talisman Way you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.24 miles
  9. Turn left onto College Ave/PA-18/PA-58.

    1. College Ave is just past Low St

    2. American Legion is on the left

    3. If you are on PA-358 and reach Grant St you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.00 miles
  10. Welcome to GREENVILLE, PA.

    1. If you reach Shenango St you've gone a little too far

    Then 0.00 miles