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I bought a stackable Kenmore washer & dryer from Sears in 2008 and have had them come to repair it on three occasions, two of the visits from their repair man said the tenant was overloading the machine and causing it to leak water into the unit below them. I discovered the third time it did it that the agitator was broken, I ordered a new agitator and had the Sears repair man ( a different one from the two previous repairs) install the new agitator and it is working great. I feel Sears should reimburse me for the first two calls as it must have been the agitator all along! I am happy with the last repair man's work but very unhappy about them misdiagnosing the problem on the first two repair calls. All calls were because of the washer leaking water.
We bought a $3,000 refrigerator from Sears last year and were told it was a great refrigerator that would last a long time and was worth the money. The freezer quit freezing--but was still cooling at a refrigerator temperature--about a month ago, which was a little over a year after buying the unit. We called to get someone to come and repair it. The people we talked to had heavy accents, and told us it would be two weeks before it could be looked at. When it was looked at, the repairman said he knew what the problem was and ordered a part. Another two weeks later, he came back to replace the part. The whole refrigerator wasn't working when he left, but he said to give it 24 hours for the Freon to recharge and start working again. We gave it more than 24 hours, and the refrigerator never started working again. It was now Thanksgiving, and all of our food had gone bad due to our new Sears refrigerator being 'fixed.' We called to get someone to come look at it again, and were told it would be ANOTHER two weeks before someone could come fix what the repairman had messed up. Needless to say, we have no faith in Sears appliances now, and no faith that they will stand by their product and make right on their promises. Very disappointed to have spent so much money and to get such a substandard product and poor service in return.
Usually very satisfied with there service. This last time the Tech was on his phone for an hour with another employee to walk him through how to repair the fabric softener slot which was not getting water to rinse it out. Then on return visit was rude that I did not want to switch from requested morning appointment to an afternoon one.
Tech gets 5 stars. Sears' scheduling gets 2. The tech was professional and courteous. Once the part was available, he finished the job in less than ten minutes. The day before my first appointment, I received a text message confirming that the tech would arrive between 8-noon, with a note to "click here for more details." I didn't click, because I didn't believe I needed more details. When I hadn't heard from the technician by late morning, I clicked on the link: it advised me the time had been moved to between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. That's a significant departure from the time requested, and I couldn't believe that wasn't in the body of the text. I may have to be in court at 1:30 p.m. on any work day. I don't know if I have to be in court until after 8 a.m. Because of that, I try to schedule things for the morning. Fortunately, the tech arrived shortly before noon, and diagnosed the problem in about 20 minutes. I also had a problem with the phone help, but I'm out of characters.
The repair man was fine. The over $600 part and repair service, the part does not work properly. We told the repair man and he said that that was the way it was wired for the fan. Did not offer to order another part which should have been what he did. I will now have to call the repair dept, again to have the process start again. This is the 4th time to have this particular problem fixed.
Repair was scheduled online for two days later and the rep showed up on time and ready to go. He was extremely informative and patient with our old person questions. He did a great job and explained all costs and repair work. Thanks, Sears! BTW, he worked on a 10 year old dryer and a 26 year old washer!
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