Sherwood Gardens

2 Stratford Rd
Baltimore MD 21218

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Sherwood Gardens is a popular community park located in northern Baltimore. Initially created in 1929, the park started out as garden of exotic tulips species imported from Europe. After decades of improvements and land purchases, Sherwood Gardens has grown to over six acres. Visitors will find numerous flowering plant types including dogwood trees, tulips and azaleas. The park is highly regarded by visitors that enjoy quiet, distraction free attractions devoid of crowds.

How to get to Sherwood Gardens
Sherwood Gardens is best reached by car. Ample parking is available for free around the outskirts of the park. Most parking spots are limited in time to two hours without a permit. For a hefty fee, visitors can also take a cab to the park.

Best and worst time to go to Sherwood Gardens
The best time to see Sherwood Gardens is in April and May. During the spring time many of the flowers bloom into full glory. The worst time to visit is during the winter months from November to March when many of the plants have died back.

Admission to Sherwood Gardens
Admission to the park is free of charge and is open to anyone. There no gates or restrictions around the park.

Must see/do at Sherwood Gardens
Most visitors will want to explore the beds of different colored tulips can be found throughout the park. Numerous azalea and other flowering bushes can be found in the southern end of the park. Flowering trees are more plentiful on the eastern end. Visitors can sit, lay down or walk throughout the grassy areas of the park.

Wildlife at Sherwood Gardens
Most wildlife found in the park include different bird species and squirrels. Insects and Bees are often abundant in the flowering areas of the park. There are no large animals living in the park.

Insider tip for visitors to Sherwood Gardens
Since there are no shelters or amenities, visitors can bring a picnic to enjoy the park. Visitors may want to bring a chair or towels to sit on. When visiting for the first time, use a map to help find the park as it is hidden back in a residential neighborhood.

Author's bio: Bruce Emmerling is a freelance writer residing in Baltimore, MD. He's been writing independent articles about technology, travel, events and news for six years.