10 Amazing Quebec Eco-Lodges

By: Lindsay MacNevin

A growing trend is upon us in terms of accommodations that are designed to have the least possible impact on the natural environment in which they are situated; these accommodations are known as eco-lodges. One province in Canada is taking the world by storm in terms of the different and unique eco-lodges they are offering. Quebec with its breathtaking mountains, endless lakes, lush green valleys in the summer, and plenty of snow in the winter is becoming well known for its commitment to preserving the natural environment. From treehouses for grownups to luxury resorts that focus on reforestation to “glamping” in an unusual yurt; discover ten of these amazing eco-lodges in Quebec.


1. Chez Roger l’Ermite

More than just log cabins, Chez Roger offers a unique experience for visitors in the town of Saint-Come. These beautiful hand-built cabins are nestled in the woods amongst species of trees, birds and surrounded by nature. Each one was carefully constructed by owner Martin Paradis and his father using several species of trees and recycled materials with respect to the environment. Two of the four eco-lodges have running fridges and electricity that are powered with solar energy from the solar panels on the roof. All are furnished with handcrafted furniture and recycled materials. Compostable toilets and outdoor showers complete the cabins.

The surrounding area is full of trails to explore, a river to cool off in, and a nearby waterfall that offers stunning views in both the winter and summer. Snowshoes are available for guests to use and the owner is more than happy to both show you around and tell you the history of how this wonderful place came to be. Privacy and relaxation are important here at Chez Roger and visitors are encouraged to unplug and unwind as they explore the breathtaking surrounding nature.


2. Canopee Lit

Who doesn’t want to sleep in cabins that are literally perched in the trees? Unless you are afraid of heights; this is one eco-lodge you can’t miss in the beautiful province of Quebec. This is “glamping” at its best with the choice to stay in one of the cabins in the trees or in one of the clear bubble tents. There is some hydro, some water but nothing over the top about this eco-lodge. Toilets are dry compostable within the cabins and solar panels power showers and lights in the bathrooms. Some of the cabins feature glass dome ceilings and all have beautiful furnishings throughout.

Breakfast is provided at Canopee Lit, served outside your door in an old school metal lunchbox; a nice touch the owners have thought of. Lunch and dinner can either be made in your cabin or there is a waterfront restaurant on-site that serves up appetizing meals. With 24 acres of property to explore and all year round service; whether you visit in the winter, summer, spring or fall there is plenty to do. Spend the night in a treehouse or in a bubble overlooking the river; either way, it’s an unforgettable experience.


3. Cime Adventures Resort

Whether you want to stay in a yurt, a tee-pee, camp in the woods, stay in a cottage, or stay at the eco-lodge this property has it all. This resort offers the most choice for accommodations on this list and works hard to stay one with nature. The eco-lodges on this property are built on stilts tucked between trees in the Gaspésie forest; offering tranquility along with modern-day conveniences. Private terraces, a fully equipped washroom, coffee maker, fridge, and beautiful furnishings will make living in nature feel like a breeze.

Cime Adventures’ mission is to bring people together with nature in exploring the beautiful clear Bonaventure River. This resort offers numerous canoe, kayak, and snorkeling tours on the river that guests should take advantage of while staying on the resort. Dining is offered in a variety of ways; whether you choose to cook your own meals, dine at the on-site restaurant or take advantage of the healthy gourmet lunchbox available. With an emphasis on preserving nature, using locally sourced food, and letting people explore a river that was virtually unknown only 25 years ago; Cime Adventures Resort offers everything one could want in an eco-lodge adventure.


4. Kabania

An escape from everyday life awaits you at Kabania, located in the stunning Lanaudiere region of Quebec. The choice of cabins awaits you, whether you are looking for a more spacious option with a wood stove or simply somewhere to lay your head at night; either way, you will be sleeping amongst the trees in a cabin on stilts. A communal cabin is provided for guests to use the washrooms (as there are none in the cabins), cook, and relax in the hammocks in the living room. In the summertime, the outdoor communal spaces include barbecues to use, fire areas, and more.

The area offers a plethora of activities to visitors whichever season you are staying. In the summer cool off in the pond or tube down the river. In the wintertime, there is an ice rink nearby along with hundreds of miles for skiing or snowshoeing. With plenty of opportunities for relaxation in one of the many hammocks among the property it won’t be long before you feel both your mind and body at ease; especially knowing your impact on the environment here is minimal with solar panels, recycling, and reusing programs in place.


5. Le Baluchon

This eco-resort is simply stunning and the most luxurious on our list, nestled in a breathtaking scene amongst hills, valleys, and incredible sunsets. Located on land that originally provided lumber for a sawmill Le Baluchon has been focusing on sustainable development and reforestation for the past twenty years. More recently they have invested in water treatment systems, a great recycling program, and energy conservation. Throughout the resort, visitors will find reused materials from the old sawmill including their eco-café; which was created entirely from objects and mechanical pieces of the old sawmill.

Accommodations range from chalets to lodges and each has its own beautiful designs, all spread out throughout this large property. From classic to rustic to modern; visitors can choose the theme they want in their room. A Nordic spa awaits guests here along with the chance to visit a sugar shack, dogsled, snowshoe, fat bike, Nordic ski, ice skate, and take a sleigh ride around the property. Dining here is always a treat as the head chef works with locally sourced ingredients to create spectacular meals in whichever dining hall you choose. This breathtaking property along with friendly staff, exceptional cuisine, and more activities than you will have time for is one of our favorite eco-lodges in the province of Quebec.


6. Entre Cîmes et Racines

If you have ever wanted to stay in a hobbit house you will want to head to Entre Cîmes et Racines; a beautiful property that houses 12 cabins; two of them highly resembling hobbit houses. These luxury but back-to-the-basics cabins will surprise and delight every visitor and are so popular that they’re often booked up to a year in advance. Most are truly basic with no running water or electricity. Hand pumps are provided for water as are odorless outhouses; either inside or out. The wood stoves heat the cottages and along with barbecues provide ample opportunity for cooking.

The cottages are spread out giving guests the ultimate privacy while providing the main lodge with modern conveniences; working washrooms and electricity. Numerous trails and streams run through the property and bikes and kayaks are available in the summer months. In the winter this is a haven for snowshoers and cross country skiers. The two hobbit type houses are The Hobbit and Stone Fire and are the most expensive to stay in of the lot but are definitely worth it. Come escape the ordinary in the Eastern Township of Quebec and discover this truly unique eco-lodge.


7. Matagami ECOlodge

Located on the edge of Lake Matagami sits a unique eco-lodge dedicated to teaching guests that you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle. The eco-lodge consists of three tree cabins and two yurts to choose from; sleeping up to six guests with a variety of bunk beds and double beds depending on which one you stay in. Go Green is the motto here with everything running on solar panels and wind power. With access to a natural sandy private beach in the summer and miles of trails for snowshoeing or skiing in the winter; there is no bad time to visit this eco-lodge.

These cabins come complete with your own personal washroom including shower, woodstove, and handcrafted furniture from reclaimed wood. A big emphasis is placed on the surrounding environment and guides will be available to explain how they source their food locally and conserve and care for the wildlife in the environment. With a plethora of activities on or off Lake Matagami you will find plenty of things to keep you busy; while relaxing in the midst of the forest at night.


8. Chic Choc Mountain Lodge, Quebec, Canada

Perched at an altitude of 615 meters high atop a mountain, looking out over peaks and valleys as far as the eye can see is Chic Choc Mountain Lodge. This eco-lodge is owned by the Government of Quebec and was a project developed to encourage people to discover remote natural environments in every season, with the lowest amount of impact on the surrounding settings. The lodge was flown in by helicopter piece by piece to avoid disturbing any of the natural environments. The eighteen suites are all furnished in natural wood and the works of local craftsmen; all are designed to make the visitor relax with an absence of televisions and phones.

Guests are treated to family-style dining by a superb chef; sharing plates with other guests and guides alike. The huge living room in the lodge boasts a beautiful fireplace that begs to be experienced with a glass of wine in hand. Everything here that can be is biodegradable; including the fuel, with staff and guests working hard to reduce, reuse and recycle on a daily basis. The lodge provides guests with all the gear they need to explore the hundreds of miles of nature that surround them. From warm clothing to kayaks to snowshoes to skis; they have you covered. Come experience this slice of heaven located in the mountainous terrain in the Gaspe Peninsula.


9. Eco River Lodge- Moulin Wakefield Mill

This LEED-certified Eco River Lodge boasts impressive modern design and blends beautifully into the surrounding area. This exclusive boutique resort houses 13 guestrooms all with southern exposure, along with views of the sparkling millpond. The Eco River Lodge sits on the Moulin Wakefield Mill Property; a once flour mill turned into a destination country hotel and spa. Much of the original stone masonry was retained as were many of the mill’s mechanical components that now serve as landscaping ornaments. The on-site restaurant takes you up close and personal with the stunning MacLaren Falls; in a glassed-in solarium.

The Eco River Lodge is as green as it gets. It is built into the side of a hill to maximize environmental sustainability. The green roof was designed to house honey bees and geothermal heating and cooling systems were put in place. The solar design of the building allows for optimum use of natural light. A tranquil spa awaits you at this property with the goal of improving lives with the healing powers of nature; and includes a pool and hot tub to soak any muscle aches away. Along with an electric car charging terminal, energy and water conservation combined with a beautiful property in nature; this is one unique eco-lodge you won’t want to miss out on.


10. Chalets Lanaudiere- Yurt Camping

The mission of Chalets Lanaudiere is simple; to allow visitors to relax in a harmonious outdoor environment while having awareness of the beautiful surroundings. They accomplish this by offering both cottage and yurt rentals to visitors; on this enormous property with its own private lake; just a short drive from the town of Rawdon. Yurt camping is their version of an eco-lodge and these beautiful new yurts are placed carefully within nature, each with its own fire pit, spacious accommodations, and gas fireplace. The yurts all have their own separate theme and the décor inside was carefully hand chosen to match.

The activities at this destination are endless. Wintertime brings numerous skating rinks complete with hockey sticks, broomball, a lit tubing slide, over 20km of marked trails for cross country skiing, and plenty of areas to explore on snowshoes. Summer brings hiking, geocaching, swimming, kayaking, treetop trekking, and more. There are no motorized boats available on the lake keeping in tune with their mission to have the smallest impact on the environment possible. Glamorous, spacious yurt camping awaits you at Chalets Lanaudiere; no matter what the season.