10 Amazing Summer Camps for Adults in Canada

By: Lindsay MacNevin
Jamie Kingham / Getty Images

It seems that summer camp isn’t just for kids anymore as more and more adults are looking for a way to escape reality and take some “me time”. Luckily for all of us adults, tons of companies and resorts are now coming up with “summer camps” for grown-ups. Whether you are looking to join like-minded individuals to jam, or want to learn how to survive in the wilderness; there is a camp for you. We have rounded up just 10 of the amazing summer camps for adults that are available in Canada.


10. Lake Field Music Camp -Kawartha, ON

This week-long intensive musical program is catered for adult mature vocalists and instrumentalists. Get ready to learn here with over 40 ensembles and workshops in the categories of classical and jazz, with a taste of popular music. Located in the beautiful region of the Kawartha Lakes, campers here will spend a week marveling at the beauty of the region while honing their skills. Nightly concerts by campers and instructors have everyone involved, either by participating or watching. Accommodations are available in the dormitories, making it really feel like a true sleep-over camp. From meals in the dining hall to cash bars to new friends; whether you are a beginner or expert, this summer camp for music lovers promises to be a blast.

9. Camp Ouareau (St. Donat, QB)

Although this camp is normally reserved for girls up to the age of 16, every year they hold two weekends of summer camp experience for women. Geared towards women with an interest in arts and/or health and wellness, there are a variety of workshops held throughout the weekend including ones on ceramics, photography, yoga, and hiking, to name a few. Along with workshops, campers have full access to traditional camp activities including canoeing, kayaking, hiking, swimming, and evening campfires. The cozy heated cabins sleep anywhere from four to eight guests and are outfitted with beds complete with sheets and a pillow. A family-style dining room is where all the campers will come together to eat the fabulously prepared food.  This weekend celebration of women takes summer camp to a whole new experience, complete with wine tastings, gourmet meals, no curfews, and definitely no counselors.

8. Camp Comfort Retreats (Eastern Townships, QB)

You don’t need to speak French to attend this all-inclusive luxury summer camp that caters to only adults. Located in the breathtaking Eastern Townships of Quebec is where campers can take an inner journey to find themselves through yoga, meditation, and other spiritual exercise. Nestled on the shores of Lake Aylmer, the team here offers seminars, trance dances, Qigong, talking circles, and guided journeys to rediscover you. Space here is designed to help you relax and replenish, offering a wood-fired sauna and hot tub to help you do just so. Take long nature walks, dive into delicious vegetarian cuisine to achieve your optimal emotional, social, physical, and spiritual health alongside campers who are looking for the same growth. There won’t be any wild parties or talking late into the night here, this is solely a journey to grow yourself.

7. Zombie Camp (Bancroft, ON)

If you have ever wanted to know what to do in the case of a Zombie Apocalypse, why not head to Zombie Camp for a few days. The mission of this camp is to learn practical skills which can be used while camping or during the Zompocalypse. Located in the heart of the Ontario wilderness on a secluded lake, the camp has everything you have ever wanted in a summer camp. Cabins with bunk beds, a beach with a long dock, archery range, trails, and all the food you can eat. Campers will learn such things as weapons combat, basic survival skills, advanced first aid techniques, tactical group organization, and hand-to-hand combat. On the final day, a simulated zombie outbreak will take place, putting your new skills to the test. This fun-filled three-day summer camp is a must for anyone who believes that one day the zombies really are coming.


6. Renew Your Quest (Squamish, BC)

It may not be zombie fighting or archery lessons, but this summer camp for adults is the perfect camp for those looking to rethink, refocus and re-energize. It is designed for people who have been out of school for at least five years and want to enjoy learning once again while exploring the local area. Campers here will have class from 9 am-12 pm each day, spending the afternoon and evenings participating in guided hikes, excursions, optional workshops or simply discovering nature. There are no bunk beds and cabins here, instead, campers can stay in luxury condos and eat both on campus and at local stops. Subjects change from year to year and range from the politics of war to the biochemistry of food to global warming. Enjoy the beauty of Squamish, British Columbia while furthering your mind, the best of both worlds in our eyes.

5. SOS Wilderness Survival (Bruno, SK)

If you don’t want to spend your vacation bunking in cabins or learning about wine, how about learning how to live off the land and immerse yourself in a total survival experience. SOS Wilderness Survival offers an array of courses to teach you the skills and confidence needed to survive a potentially life-threatening situation. The company offers both three and five-day courses depending on how serious you want to get. The combined field and classroom training will cover things such as how to construct primitive weapons, how to forage for food, how to build a shelter, and how to signal for help. Campers will learn how to use the natural resources and everything else around them to survive. For anyone who does a lot of camping, works or lives in a remote area, or just wants to further their skills, this is the camp for you.

4. Camp Le P’tit Bonheur (Lac Quenouille, QB)

If you happen to speak French, want to unplug from technology and relive the magical summer camp experience, this is the camp you will want to sign up for. Only offered once in the fall, this magical experience will have campers roasting marshmallows, singing campfire songs, and eating meals in the cafeteria. Prepare yourself to sleep in the cabins complete with bunk beds, participate in the famous volleyball game, and jam around the campfire. Activities here include canoeing, climbing, hiking, kayaking, obstacle courses, and more. The object of this camp is to get outdoors and remember what it is like to have fun, without checking your phone or email every five minutes. If you can’t make the fall session, they also offer a winter session complete with snow activities such as snowshoeing, skiing, and awesome snowball fights.

3. Northern Edge (Algonquin, ON)

This is less of a planned summer camp and more about creating experiences, whether you visit as a group, couple, or individual. This environmentally conscious summer camp focuses on exploring the surrounding wilderness by offering many different retreats and adventures. From yoga-specific retreats to overnight canoe adventures to stand-up paddling safaris; there is truly a summer camp experience for everyone. Accommodations include cabins; either wood or canvas and all meals are based on the idea of SLOW- sustainable, local, organic and wholesome. This unplugged experience comes complete with everything you need including all outdoor equipment for activities such as paddleboards, canoes, and kayaks; snacks and beverages throughout the day and an experience unlike any other. Discover why so many adults flock to Northern Edge for the ultimate summer camp experience.

2. Canadian Adventure Camp (Temagami Lakes, ON)

For most of the summer, this camp is a traditional lakefront camp for boys and girls, but for one week at the end of August, it is transformed into an adults-only summer camp. Think of all those things you loved about summer camp- the giant water slides, the Tarzan swing, climbing walls, and more; for one week you can enjoy all of those things once again. The spectacular location in Northern Ontario offers campers modern facilities, incredible food, and an abundance of activities. Many campers come here to learn how to water-ski and wakeboard from the incredible instructors who are on duty from 9 am until evening. Enjoy the Starlight Lake Cruises, relaxing evenings in the lounge, and the always comical and awesome talent show to close off the week on this incredible private island.


1.  Two Islands Weekend (Haliburton, Ontario)

This all-inclusive wilderness escape encourages the 150 men and women to let loose, dance until dawn, and meet awesome people along the way. Think old-school camping experiences meet the open bar and co-ed cabins. Yes, we said open bar and co-ed cabins. Activities here range from cocktail making to kayaking to wine tasting to swimming and yoga. At night is when the party really gets started with late-night dodgeball, scavenger hunts, sing-a-longs, and dance parties are all known to happen. Accommodations are cabins that sleep 10-16 in bunk beds, complete with their own bathroom and nearby shower. Food and drink are provided and A-List chefs collaborate on dinners. Did we mention that all alcohol is included in the price? This awesome summer camp getaway sells out every year so it pays to book your space sooner than later and experience a once-in-a-life opportunity.